Dream: The Girl

I walk into the living room. It’s a mess. Broken plates and mugs scattered everywhere. The electronic equipment all but destroyed.

The room is filled with people. As they notice me standing there, they start shouting and laughing at me. Some whispering among themselves.

Shame and embarrassment settles over me.

Then, the anger comes. Surging through my body. Faster than a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun.

I see her.

A little girl in the corner. Watching me.

Barefoot, stepping on the broken plates and mugs, I walk up to her and grab her hard by the arm. She needs to be punished. She looks at me with big, scared eyes.

I am hurting her.

And I realize…

She is me.

2 thoughts on “Dream: The Girl

  1. Hi I’m body electric (B.E) I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your blog. You are a fantastic writer and I feel very in tune with your thinking. I have BPD too, quel surprise! I’ve read lots of your posts and look forward to reading more 😊 xxx

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