Parts Of Me

Today was one of those days where I wanted nothing to do with my therapist. All I wanted to do when I got her session confirmation text message was to cancel it. What stopped me? The different parts of myself all bringing their own voices to the thought. Arguing back and forth, pulling in different directions.

I’ve recognized 4 distinct parts of myself. There’s the little part, the one that’s terrified of having the connection to therapist cut. That’s scared whenever she needs to be away from her, and can’t bear “goodbye”. The thought that therapist will disappear and isn’t around anymore. Who doesn’t understand why she has to go and leave her all alone.

Then there’s the insecure girl (she feels about 8 years old). The part that doesn’t quite know whether therapist can be trusted. That isn’t sure whether she’s cared about. That’s scared of the connection she feels. She’s also a little scared of therapist herself. She’s the shy one.

There’s also the rebellious and angry teenage part. She feels like she doesn’t need anyone or anything and that she’s better off alone. She longs for connection, but afraid of it. To her, connection means getting hurt. So she pushes people away. She uses anger so that she doesn’t feel the pain.

Lastly, there’s the adult part. The one that knows therapy is valuable and helping her move forward, even when it’s uncomfortable and hard. The one who truly values and cares deeply about therapist. She knows the connection is a healthy and necessary one. She likes learning things about herself that she maybe wasn’t aware of, and wants to grow and become the best version of herself.

Sometimes all these parts of myself seem to collide into one big confusing mess, and other times there’s a dominant one that seems stronger than the rest. The teenager was especially active this morning. She had built up walls around herself. But once again, a few minutes into the session, my therapist somehow managed to pull those walls down. Broke through the resistance and fear.

So while the teenage part was the dominant one, the littlest part was panicking about not seeing my therapist today, and the adult part was providing the rational thought. I didn’t cancel, I showed up to the session. Then it seemed it was the teenager and the child competing against one another in the first few minutes before and during the session.

Why do I feel this need to pull away? I figured this out right before the session. I think it’s because of the current situation. I have to go 2 weeks between sessions for the next while, and that’s really difficult for me to cope with. In other words, I hate it, and I don’t care if anyone says I’m overreacting or being silly.

It’s not just in the therapy relationship that this happens though. It seems to happen in my other relationships as well when I really sit down to think about it. Although the littlest part doesn’t seem to feature with anyone other than my therapist, and my wonderful friend, Imani (sorry for pushing you away the past few days).

Writing all this makes me feel ridiculous. But then… wait, I hear a voice… I DON’T CARE how I sound!

21 responses to “Parts Of Me”

  1. I am pretty sure Imani understands your struggles, as well as your therapist..Be proud of yourself for being in therapy in the first place! It is a rollercoaster ride and you just have to ride out the highs and lows..Progress is definetely being made as you show a lot of awareness in this post! hugs ❤

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    • Imani is super awesome! And she knows it. 😉 I got the most beautiful email from my therapist just now (I sent her this link), so I know she understands. 🙂 It definitely IS a roller coaster ride. I’m actually feeling pretty sick right now, as if I’ve just been on one, lol. It’s fascinating how our emotions can produce physical symptoms as well. Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you can see progress. 🙂 ❤

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  2. You’re not ridiculous or overreacting! For me it’s the inner “pre-teen” that pushes my therapist away by refusing to talk even though my adult mind knows I should… But then, that in of itself is something I know I should tell my therapist!

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    • Thanks! 🙂 You should definitely speak to your therapist about it. I always love hearing what my own therapist says about things I bring to her. They’re always revealing. And one of the coolest things about therapy is making the connections and realizations while you’re talking about it. It seems to help open up your mind when you start saying things out loud to someone else. Good luck! ❤

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  3. Hi Rayne, you are not being ridiculous, this is how WE feel, torn from inside out, I am glad you therapist supports you, and I am sure your friend Imani will understand to. 😉 One of the step in recovery is recognising who we are… What we feel, How do we react, I know I have so much to learn, and it’s so painful… But… I have HOPE… 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog ❤ Huge Hugs ❤

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  4. Aww what lovely followers you have 🙂 You don’t need to do any post apologies on my account lovely girl! You’re just taking some time out. I haven’t batted an eyelid darlin, honestly! hugs 🙂 xxx

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  5. I thought I was the only one with these conflicting thoughts? I would often have conversations between the different parts of myself inside my head. I never spoke to anyone about it though. Is it a part of BPD? because I’ve wondered why i can’t think with the same attitude about things. I hope that makes sense I just find it difficult to explain ❤ xxx

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  6. It is hard when different parts are present! The needs and want can clash and interfere with one another. Hoping you’re feeling a bit better now. And that the aftermath of the session continued to feel supportive. Sending my own support.

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