Basking In The Sun

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a sunshiney (I don’t think that’s a word, but it is now) person. That honour belongs to my friend Summer… You know who you are.

But today I feel like I am the sun. I feel the sun shining down upon me, the warm glow filling every part of me.

And damn, it feels good!

I can’t remember when last I have felt this good, and had it last almost an entire day. It’s such a welcome relief.

I know there’s a lot of you out there who feel the opposite today. And to you I’d just like to say this:

The darkness feels real right now. It is real. But so is the light. And you will experience that light again. When you feel that sunshine, don’t spend it fearing the darkness that might come again. Just allow yourself to be present in that moment, without thought of what might come tomorrow, or even a few hours later. Enjoy it. Because it’s these little moments of sunshine in our lives that keep us breathing through the worst storms.

19 responses to “Basking In The Sun”

  1. I love this post huni, naturally 😉 ❤ 💛 I am having a really bad day-I seem to be totally bipolar at the moment, bad day good day etc. I’m very glad you’re having such a good day though 💝👍 Enjoy basking 🙌 Xxx

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    • Nice to see you here beautiful. My Summer. 😉 I’m sorry you aren’t having a good day. Sending you positive energy (the soul twin thing). You know I love you. Always remember. ❤ xxx

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    • I’ve found that my writing is so much better when I’m depressed or hurting. I write most of my ‘poems’ when I’m in that negative place. I can’t write any positive ones, so I get you. And I think that’s okay. 🙂


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