When I heard this song for the first time, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It felt like all the pain I had been holding deep inside me, just came pouring out. The most agonizing pain. The kind of pain that feels so raw. And like it will never end. This is one of those songs that seems as though it were written for me, or even by me.

You’re a warrior. We’re warriors.

19 thoughts on “Warrior

  1. Great song and I really identify with it. I am a warrior so are all of us recovering from mental health problems and trauma. And we all have scars I do anyway physical scars from my various illnesses as well as mental scars. 🙂

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  2. Not only does Demi Lovato’s music pack a punch, her lyrics, her voice and her messages and the way she presents them would make anyone feel as if they were living in her shoes. I don’t personally know you, but I believe that if you believe you’re a warrior, then you truely are.

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  3. This is a powerful song. It touches me, too. I think the feeling that accompanies overcoming significant hardship and emotional pain is hard to find words for, but this song evokes those feelings. If that makes sense. Sometimes I have no words for my experiences, but songs can help me identify the feelings.

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