“Daddy, Please Just Stop, And Notice Me.”

Right now I feel like a fragile little girl. A frightened, lost and heartbroken little girl.

I quit my job yesterday. I decided to stay until the end of the day though. I wanted to finish everything up and tie up loose ends, so that the manager wouldn’t have to do it the next day.

I didn’t tell my dad, because I was afraid of his reaction. I knew he wouldn’t take it well. I wanted to clear my head and organize my thoughts first, because the state of mind I was in wouldn’t allow me to communicate coherently.

True to form (he’s always felt like a stalker to me), he caught me and asked me why I wasn’t at work. He had also sent me a message earlier today asking whether I was at work, which he has never done since I started the job. When he caught me at home, I was thinking of lying, but decided to tell him the truth instead. That I quit. That I couldn’t stay until Friday. That I had had enough. I was drained. I am drained. He didn’t say much, but what he did say, and his tone of voice, told me that he was pissed off. I knew he would ask me about it later in the evening.

And he did. He didn’t shout (at first), but he wasn’t very nice either. He made me feel small. The more I tried to explain things to him, the more he went on, as if he wasn’t hearing anything I was saying. Lecturing me. Growing more and more agitated. At some point I just stopped trying to explain. I can’t remember some of the things he said, I just kept disassociating and being transported back to my childhood experiences with him. Not once did he ask me how I was feeling. He just kept telling me, over and over, how he felt. I was already feeling so depressed and overwhelmed. The emotions that had plagued me for most of the day. I really wasn’t in the mood for this. I told him that I want to talk about this some more, but could we rather please talk about it tomorrow because I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I told him that. Yet he carried on, repeating the same things over and over, everytime getting more and more angry. I started feeling so sick, that I thought I was going to throw up. I held my head in my hands, but he didn’t stop, just kept going on and on. Like he couldn’t see my distress. Or he just didn’t care. I wanted to yell “Please, just stop! Please, please, please!”

I tried to just get him to understand me. To really hear me. I eventually got so desperate that I mentioned that I feel like just giving up on life. In that moment, I was hoping that he would see just how serious this is. How bad I’m feeling. Bad enough to be considering suicide, and actually telling him that. Being that vulnerable with him. But he just yelled at me and said that’s stupid. That I know I’m just being stupid. I wanted to say “daddy, notice me. Please help me.” But most of all, “Daddy, please listen to me. I need you to be my hero right now. I need you. I was a hero for you when you were in that dark place. You should know how dark that place can be. Please be my hero now. Please just love me.” But instead he just said that, and told me to get over it. How do I get him to just understand a little bit at least? But how can he understand when I try to tell him and he doesn’t want hear it?

I don’t want to get into everything he said, but I’ll mention this… He told me that I do one thing for a year, and then drop it like a hot potato. That’s true. He mentioned a few other things. I wanted to laugh and tell him that he’s mentioning some of the symptoms of BPD that I struggle with. I’ve tried to explain BPD to him, but it’s like he’s on some other planet and I can’t reach him. If he had really listened to me when I tried to tell him what BPD is, he would have known. But he didn’t.

He also told me that everytime he tries to talk to me, I shut down. What he doesn’t realize is that me shutting down is a protective bubble that keeps me ‘safe’ from him and his words. Because they hurt. They rip my heart out. And those times when I really need to talk to him, he just wants to watch TV and says he doesn’t have time. But he has time to watch two series a night? I’ve tried talking to him so many times throughout my life, but it was always a lost cause. I told him tonight that I’ve tried to talk to him so often about things that are bothering me, how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking, but he either gets angry (he hates it when I express emotions – it seems I never learn), or turns everything around and the conversation turns to his feelings and life. I told him that I understand that, but sometimes I also just need him to listen to me. He then kept defending himself, and once again it was all about him. So I shut down.

I felt like that child and teenager again who just wanted his love. Even with all he’s done, and how I hate him so much most of the time, he’s still my dad. And I don’t know how to let go. Why I keep expecting things to be different. I guess I’m still looking for him to give me the kind of affection I’ve always wanted from him. The affection a child needs. Not the kind of ‘affection’ that only hurts and confuses a young child.

I just want my therapist right now. I feel like that little girl who desperately wants her mommy after a stressful event. Who needs her mom to comfort her and calm her down. Like you see in movies. Where the child has that one parent they can turn to when they’ve been hurt by their other parent. I don’t feel capable of soothing myself right now, but I know I have no other choice. It’s not the same though, and it’s so hard. Especially when you feel so young and fragile.

I never thought of my therapist as a mother figure before, but right now, I’m not sure how true that is anymore. Maybe subconsciously, I have been. Is this even possible? Or maybe it’s just now, tonight, that she’s taken the ‘mommy’ role in my mind. Because as far as I remember, this is the first time since I’ve started seeing her that I’ve felt this way. Maybe the little girl inside feels like she needs another parental figure to step in and tell her it’s okay. That she’s loved. And right now, Therapist seems like that person.

My heart is hurting so much.


15 thoughts on ““Daddy, Please Just Stop, And Notice Me.”

  1. Oh, Rayne, I’m sorry your Dad isnt listening to you and offering the comfort and love you so desperately need (and deserve) right now.
    I’m also sorry about your job but for what its worth I’m really glad you arent working in such a toxic palce anymore. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take some time out.
    I think it’s very normal to think of a therapist as a mother figure and your reasons for feeling this way makes complete sense.
    I’m here if you need to talk, sending hugs x

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    1. Thank you Forever. It’s true… The best thing we can do for ourselves is take time out. And practice self care. It makes me feel better reading that you can understand why I would feel like that about my therapist. Hugs to you. xx

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  2. I know from how I have had to deal with past events of my dad’s behaviour, it is hard to just figure out why they are like that. There was those rare moments where my dad revealed another side, a vunerable one at times, but most was negative, yet there is some love I felt at times. So sorry to hear you are not receiving the love and support you need right now from your dad.
    It sounds a very difficult time right now and with how work treated you and the events you are feeling from that, and on top of this where your dad is not listening to you, it is not a goid place to be. I really hope you have not long ng to wait to chat with a therapist or someone, to talk these feels ngs through. Is there any other relative or friend nearby that you could talk to also? I hope there is. Much hugs.

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    1. Hi Liz. I’m sorry you also experienced those moments with your dad. I just hope that if I have children one day that I can do things better. I’m seeing my therapist tomorrow. I also have my girlfriend to talk to, and I talk to her about anything and everything. She’s very supportive and caring. xx

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      1. Same here, if I had kids.

        It is good that you do have someone to talk to and to be able to talk about anything with your girlfriend, then that is great, as an open relationship where there is always communication makes a good, strong and long-term relationship. 🙂 x

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  3. I am so sorry, Rayne.. This happens a lot with my mother…. She does not accept me having BPD, and every time I do something “wrong” for her, I get screams, cursing, bad words… All the time is; When the f*ck are you gonna get a job? You are worthless… Bla Bla Bla… So this is what I did, I learned on the what she is.. a Narcissistic person… So now every time, she starts that, I block her in my head, I think of something happy, a blooming flower, the sky, a piece of pizza, and I keep saying inside my head, “She is wrong that is not me”… I do block her, or lock myself in my room, or I just pick up my dogs and hug them very tight.

    Try also when it’s finished walking outside, and breathing! Much love and hugs! ♥

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    1. Chris, I’m so sorry that your mother treats you this way. It’s not right. In these moments I can’t think of good, positive things. I tend to disassociate instead. I’ve learned that from a young age. But enough still get through. I have to be aware though, because he expects me to respond to things and I have to listen in order to avoid the consequences of ‘ignoring’ him. Sending you hugs and love my friend. ❤

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  4. Rayne, the way he is treating you is unacceptable. I won’t say what you need to do as you have your own power and journey but he is not showing you any compassion and empathy at all and he has made you age regress with his shaming of you.

    I really hope your therapist can help. I was talking this afternoon with my therapist about needing this mother or father figure. When we don’t get nurtured in the right way the need becomes so powerful and so deep, we need over time to grow it inside but this happens when your therapist is there consistently and helps you see the lack of nurture you had to deal with. I’m thinking of you and sending you much support. You did what you needed to do for you. That took courage. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you for the validation. When I re-read this post and thought about it, I felt like I had over reacted. But I know that in these moments, we can’t help feel the things we feel. We do what we need to in order to just get through it.

      My therapist is great. She’s very consistent. The only consistent figure I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. *hugs* ❤

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  5. Sweetheart, I’m so sorry your father treats you this way. I can really relate. Your father is my father. I also dissociate when he gets started. I’ve actually initiated a no contact with him. Which is easier because he lives an hour away, whereas you live with yours. Remember, he’s trying to undermine your reality because he’s scared of the truth. A truth he doesn’t understand and can’t fix. You are completely validated in your emotions, thoughts, reactions and perceptions. You deserve to live your own life with your own identity and its unjustifiable that he denies you that. You are making healthy decisions for your own welfare. Keep going forward. You are strong and you know where you want to be in your life. Lots of ((hugs)) for your broken heart. I know what the rejection feels like ❤

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    1. I’m sorry that you also have a father like mine. Unfortunately I can’t go no contact as I’m dependent on him at this point, but hopefully that will change soon. Start living my life, my way, and stay away from toxic relationships. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. Sending you hugs. ❤

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  6. From my experience, one day you realize the idea of the father you want isn’t worth the reality anymore. That’s where I am with my mom. Sometimes it seems like they change or are getting better but really they are just the same, only caring about their own feelings and how we make them feel.


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