Interview Panic Sets In

I have an interview with one of my agents tomorrow (who I haven’t met in person yet).

He put my resume forward for a position at a relatively large company. The company expressed interest, but I first need to have an interview with my agent tomorrow. If he thinks I’m a good candidate for the job, I’ll go for the interview at the actual company on Wednesday.

This is a good thing, right? Well, since the horrible experience I had in my last job (read the posts here and here), I’m terrified. Once again it’s a full time position, 8am to 5pm. A challenge.

I don’t want to go for the interview tomorrow. I’m thinking of just not showing up. I’ve been feeling this panic running through me every now and then. I haven’t even picked out what I’m going to wear yet. I know I should do it right now, because I’m leaving early tomorrow morning in order to avoid the traffic. But I just don’t have the energy to do that simple little thing.

I’ve always been nervous going into an interview, but I have never felt this level of resistance before. I’m not too sure what’s going on here.

I’m both terrified that I’ll get the job, and terrified that I don’t get it. I swing from one extreme to the next. It’s incredibly confusing.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me, and why I’m making such a big deal about this. My emotions are running rampant. The panic, choking me.

I don’t know what to do.

11 responses to “Interview Panic Sets In”

  1. I know that feeling Rayne. I know every feeling right? LOL! It’s normal for people like us to feel anxious. Then again we get so used to being lackadaisical that even putting effort into another huge responsibility like a full-time job just scares the hell out of us. No more just chillin around ya know. Time to get our work pants back on and our fake smiles and do it! Oh shit, do we gotta go do it again? Bleck! Crap. We do. But i know you have skillz girl. You can do this especially if its up your alley. Is it up your alley??

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    • Yes, you do seem to know every feeling, lol. Everything you said is so true. Thanks for your faith in me. I don’t have much of that in myself. Well, it’s definitely not up my alley. And I’ll have to leave before 7am every morning to avoid the traffic, and will only get back after 6pm. Traffic is horrible on the way to that office. So I blew it off. Decided that I know my limits and this will kill me. Especially since I don’t know when I would ever have time for therapy. And I’m not willing to go without therapy.

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  2. Know that you can make a choice if you do get the job as to whether or not you want it, when you are more informed. Take some deep breaths and pick out a rocking outfit and think of us as your army behind you backing you up!

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    • Thank you so much PD. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and came to the conclusion that the best thing for me right now is to retract my application. But I told my agent that if another position opens up, to please let me know. I like the image of having an army of you wonderful people backing me up. 😉

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      • Me too – I use it on days I feel particularly vulnerable. I recently turned down an opportunity to interview because I thought stability was the best for me right now so I get making that choice. Xx

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        • That’s the great thing about being adults. We have a choice. I’m glad you went with what is best for you. That can never be a ‘wrong’ choice. 🙂


  3. Rayne,

    Glad to hear about the interview. Sounds hopeful.

    Don’t ever think there’s something wrong with you! Everything you describe sounds rather normal. Interviews can be terrifying for me as well and I’ve felt the same dread about getting it AND not getting it.

    Don’t have any grand words of wisdom other than remember I’m hopeing for the best for you. Whether you get the job or not. I wish you peace. You’ve got friends out hear who are with you.

    I like what “normalistoomainstream” said. The fact that they’re interested is cool in of itself!

    Be Well, Theseus

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  4. Theseus, you’re always so supportive! Thank you! Your comments have a way of making me feel better. 🙂 You’re an amazing person and I’m glad we could connect. 🙂


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