Never Enough

Maybe I’m good enough.
But never quite enough.
It’s just not enough.

17 responses to “Never Enough”

  1. I know you are sincere and this is more than an admittedly clever use of words. Who decides whether you are enough? If it is those who have historically disapproved and if you continue to seek that unachievable approval, you will perhaps never be enough. If they are ultimately rejected as arbiters of your value because you reconsider their behavior and not only your own, you may find you have a path toward internalizing a new definition of “enough.” It can be a long and difficult process, as you know. But, as I like to say, the game isn’t over. You are in therapy and on the way to a new self-definition.

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    • I definitely see the truth in your words. I’m working on trying to be “enough” in myself. I know I’ll eventually get there, but like you said, it’s a long and difficult process. As long as I keep taking active steps towards that goal, I should be proud of myself. I like it when you remind us that “the game isn’t over”. šŸ™‚

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  2. I accept you unconditionally and I know I’m not the only one. Unconditional acceptance of yourself is the hardest thing…I’ll send you a photo I found on Facebook earlier. I think it’ll reassure you xx

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  3. Beautifully written entry, but so very painful.

    I don’t know what the specific impetus was for this, but I’m so sorry these thoughts are what came to mind.

    I hope you know that we all believe you ARE good enough. I tell my son all the time “just being you is perfection, for who you are, as you are.” I want you to know the same thing. There are no magic words, but if it helps, know that as a father myself, I’m telling you that you are worthy! You are enough! You are more than enough! You are who you are and that certainly is perfection.

    I don’t know. Mabye think of us when these thoughts appear. Mabye it would help to think that we all believe you are good enough (even if you don’t believe it yourself).

    I’m just so sorry to read of your pain.

    Thinking of you,

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    • I love all your comments. They’re so meaningful and make me feel cared for. You really have such a good heart. “Iā€™m telling you that you are worthy! You are enough! You are more than enough! You are who you are and that certainly is perfection.” This brought tears to my eyes. I’ll take your advice and think of all my wonderful followers and friends here when I’m feeling worthless. I think it just might help. Thanks Theseus. ā¤


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