I Am Not

I am not my past. The past represents those things we have been through. It’s external. Yes, it may leave imprints. It may have changed me. But it’s not who I am deep down inside.

I am not my mental illness, anymore than someone with a physical illness is that illness. It’s the deepest parts of our soul that make us who we are.

I also have a dark side. We need both the shadow and the light. This shadow side doesn’t make me a bad person. It balances me.

I will always just be me. Whoever that may be. Day by day, I’m learning who “me” is.

10 responses to “I Am Not”

  1. Very well put! However, if I may interject a different idea regarding shadow and light. We all have the ability to be either light or dark. It is a matter of choices, we get to decide which path we go down. Trauma, pain, abuse – create pockets where shadow “friends” come to “help” us cope. Without healing and love/light … the “friends” stay in the pocket continuing the pain every time we try to see what is in the pocket. It is a good thing to have as many people around you feel safe with because those of you caught in the pocket can be free of the so called “friend” and heal and you will feel more complete. The only way we will feel completely balanced is in the light. Light and dark are not the same and do not give the same to a person.

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  2. I agree with you. Particularly about not being defined by my depression/anxiety. But I’ll be honest. I often have a hard time believing this myself. Sometimes my depression is somehow bigger than I am. The Me in me is lost under the crushing weight of Him (I call my depression Eddie).

    Thanks for the timely reminder.

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