I don’t always have the words to express my feelings. During such moments, I either find a song to represent how I’m feeling, or I make collages in Photoshop such as this one.

I search for images that relate to how I’m feeling. Images that I connect with on a deep level, and then add some effects of my own in order to make it more personal.

This image represents how I felt after my previous session, with the intention to share it with my therapist. Just one of my ways to convey my feelings to her. To communicate. Open up. Reach out. I’ve titled it “Emotion”.



36 responses to “Emotion”

  1. Emotions lie deep beyond words in our felt sense most especially the ones laid down in childhoof before we had words. Thats why they can be so difficult to express. I love your collage. Being present to your body is a good way to get in touch but its not easy when we have learned to disconnect and override feeling with thinking. Love to you ❤

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  2. Art is such a dynamic way to express emotions, especially those that are difficult to verbalize. And sometimes we just don’t have the words to express what we’re feeling. Love your collage. Powerful and evocative. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Art is such a gift. I love looking at paintings and art work, and try to sense what the artist was feeling at the time. It has a way of speaking to us. Thank Patty. 🙂

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  3. I feel you. I very often hunt the internets image database for images which represent the way I feel. This is where most of the inspiration for my art comes from…I hope you’re feeling better…

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