This Unwelcome Feeling

This unwelcome feeling seeps into my soul. Where did it come from, and will it ever go?

It’s not a thought, nor is it really a desire. It’s a feeling that haunts me day by day.

Constantly lurking in the shadows. It’s presence can be felt even on the best days. I can’t stand feeling this way, and it never really goes away. Always lingering.


I don’t want to live.


19 thoughts on “This Unwelcome Feeling

  1. Your words are something that pulls at the heart. Know that I care – along with many others, I’m sure.
    And, if you let go of Alexis, feel free to grasp my hugs, as well.

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  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good today. It is awful when you feel like that and hopefully you know that there are bloggers not far away to chat to on your blog, to help you keep going.

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  3. Not sure what I want to say…sending hugs 🤗 and strength, but that hardly seems adequate. I know this feeling, so I do understand, because of that, I also know the hugs don’t help much, as nice as they are. I also know there isn’t a whole lot I can say that will make you feel better. I do want you to know that you’re not alone, even though you may feel like it right now. (BTW, I used to describe this feeling as being at the bottle of a deep dark pit) Call someone…talk to someone you trust. Find a distraction, something fun. But above…STAY STRONG! 🤗😘

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  4. This is my life every single day. My demons never rest. It is ALWAYS just a matter of time when I’ll hear their voices whisper in my ear about how ugly, unattractive and worthless I am… about how I am such a fraud who has no real identity of my own. At times I think they have to run out of destructive things to say EVENTUALLY but I’m continually reminded of just the opposite.

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  5. I AM OFTEN SILENT WHEN I AM SCREAMING INSIDE. NOT OFTEN THOUGH BUT ALMOST ALWAYS!!!!!!! My heart goes out to you. My heart understands yours it really does.

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