A Permanent Solution

They say “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. A temporary problem? How about years of “temporary problems”? Being hit time and time again. It’s not just one problem that pushes most people off the edge. It’s the problems that we’re stuck in for weeks, months, years. It all adds up. What then if you’re the problem? Well, then you’re screwed.

There’s only so far that a person can be pushed before they break.

“I’m a temporary problem”. Let them put that on a pretty little picture for google.


24 responses to “A Permanent Solution”

  1. And yet, some of us are connected to that “problem” and feel blessed for it.
    If anything, keep fighting for those that are inspired by your tenacity – even if you don’t see it.

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  2. Are there other possible explanations? It seems you are back in the home, as well as at work, with people who present you with a certain vision of yourself and a repeating pattern of relating to you. Are there alternative visions of who you are?

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  3. Suicide is never a ‘solution’. Whoever came up with ‘suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem’, got the whole thing wrong in my opinion.

    Our breaking point is usually our self discovery point. The point where we transition into someone wiser and stronger. People who have gone through problem after problem tend to have a higher level of intuition, empathy and social awareness. Pain molds us and brings out the best in us. I know it is all easier said then done but if only they realised how special they are.

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  4. People who say that have obviously never been suicidal and have never been through long-term abuse. Plus, does that saying really make anyone think “oh, I see, suicide is not a good solution, guess I won’t do it then!” – no!!! It’s like the people that say “you’re too beautiful and too loved to harm yourself.” Screw then all!
    I’m not saying that suicide or self harm is good. But sayings like that piss me off even more and make me feel like no one understands which only increases the intensity of distress.

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  5. Suicide comes out of extreme loneliness and pain and suffering that becomes unendurable. Considering we most likely go back to a place of unconditional love who has the right to say its no solution. Most definitely people who just don’t understand.

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  6. So valid. We wouldn’t be driven to the brink of life by temporary problems because, well, because they’re ‘temporary’ which gives the expectation that they’ll pass. Please don’t think that you’re a ‘problem’. I don’t think so anyway. And maybe my vote gets a count? You are wonderful and beautiful and caring. You are deserving of the best of life ❤

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  7. Your article is simple with deep messages and a lot to think on, and I appreciate you expressly writing out your mind this way. I have this feeling I have found a blog I can personally connect with. I wrote a piece I would like you and everybody to read and express your views on it if possible. Raising awareness through our ink is one way we writers can fight this demon. The link is https://truthzombie.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/wait-until-he-has-committed-suicide/ I deeply support and encourage you. Be strong
    Truth Zombie


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