Running Confused

I started writing an article for a mental health website, and wanted to find the correct term for something I experience. I did my research, and something happened. It opened up a lot of questions and has led to some confusion. I’ve also started reading a book on a completely different topic, and it’s also opened up a lot of things. Two seemingly unrelated things that might actually relate.

I’m sitting here getting frustrated trying to explain what I’m on about. I can’t even make enough sense of it to write it. I’ve been going in and out of states/being… And it feels like there’s an inner war going on with “me”. I’m not sure who or where I am right now. So I’m going to leave this for another time.

Therapist is on leave so we can’t even talk to her. I need to talk to her. She’s the only one who knows me and has lots of my puzzle pieces. At least I think so.

14 responses to “Running Confused”

    • There’s too many things, too many connections, patterns, it’s overwhelming and I’m wondering whether I’m just imagining things or seeing connections where none exist. it’s so confusing.


      • Oh I bet you are seeing what is real. What book are you reading?
        Do you think what you are experiencing is dissociation?
        Sorry I have not had any notifications you have been writing. I am reading your blog and catching up now


  1. I have a lot of issues that point to shame-Seems I am an expert at self-sabotage. I have read that what we most fear is not failure, but success. I get mixed messages from my gut. Not sure if this helps but it happens to me in the way you have described.

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  2. Get a paper and write for a minute without stopping to give yourself time to think about what your writing. The first think that comes to mind, write it down and carry on doing so for a minute. Whether it makes sense, is related or totally silly/random, doesn’t matter. Once finished, analyse what you’ve written and see if it helps.

    Regardless of whether it helps with your articles or not, it’s a great exercise to analyse your conscious and subconscious thoughts and release them.

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    • Thanks for your comment and suggestion. There’s just SO much, but this exercise might help… Will give it a try as soon as I have some time alone again. I’m taking a break from my article. Will continue with it once I’m ready.

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