The Missing Writer

I’ve been meaning to write a post explaining my previous few posts, which may have been confusing, and some of which might have had no solid context for you. But I haven’t been able to do that yet. And I’m not sure whether I will be able to either.

I’ve been having a really hard time with writing lately. I’ve started so many new posts, but ended up scrapping them all. Writing usually helps me organize my thoughts, process my emotions, and provide insight into myself. But that hasn’t been my experience for the past couple of weeks.

Instead, it’s been a source of even more confusion, annoyance, and despair. I’ve been struggling to express my thoughts, struggles, and feelings. Especially through writing, which is a strange experience for me.

There’s also a part of me that’s reconsidering this blog. The threat of having this blog discovered by those I want to keep it a secret from suddenly seems more real. It feels more risky than ever before. Even the thought of people I’ve never met having insight into my life, my self, is frightening.

The things I want to write about, the things I want to explain (like my previous posts), just feel too vulnerable. I’ve been vulnerable here plenty of times, so I don’t understand why it suddenly feels so insurmountable and anxiety provoking. Maybe I just need a break away from posting for a while.

I have therapy tomorrow morning, and I’m feeling pretty damn anxious about it. I’m worried that I won’t be able to connect with my therapist. Why? I feel disconnected from everyone in my life. It’s as if I’ve subconsciously been pushing them away internally. I also feel torn. There are two important topics to talk about, but I don’t know which is more important… I feel like there’s just too much to talk about, and not enough time. That I won’t say what’s on my mind, and talk about random shit that I actually don’t care about. That tends to happen often with me.

I feel extremely frustrated. At this point, it seems I need two sessions a week for a while, there’s just so much to cover. I feel overwhelmed with it all. And the topics, or at least one of them, will require a lot of sessions, as they’re causing me a lot of distress and impacting my relationships and life. To such an extent that I feel it will be easier to just give up on life so I don’t have to deal with these things anymore, and save the people in my life a mountain of negative emotions.

I’m just all over the place, and don’t know what’s next.

This post has taken me an hour to write. I just don’t know anymore. I’m done writing now. For how long, I have no idea. Let’s see what happens.

24 responses to “The Missing Writer”

  1. One point only: you have no obligation to your readers. I imagine most everyone who
    reads you reads for their own reasons and does so voluntarily, not to encumber you. We only want your well-being.

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  2. Whatever you’re feeling it is surely part of the process of healing. Please don’t stop writing here, Your experience is a benefit to others. The things you share helps validate what I feel at times but cannot express in the way you have

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  3. I was just thinking about you earlier today and wondering how you were doing. Go easy on yourself. You don’t have to post on your blog. Just take care of yourself and take it one step at a time, even if you don’t know where to step… take it slow. I’m happy you will get to see your therapist even though it’s causing you some anxiety. I hope she is able to help you sort things out a bit. Sending you my love ❤

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  4. I am thinking of you. And I don’t think that emotions in and of themselves can be negative or positive (as in, I don’t think you’re hurting anybody by experiencing emotions around them, in fact, experiencing emotions can help relationships grow. Just food for thought).

    You are valuable and I care deeply about our friendship – please don’t give up.

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  5. Blogging isn’t easy at any time, but when you are struggling and feel a heightened sense of vulnerability, it is even harder. I think we all need to take breaks from time to time. I hope you find the peace and help you need from your therapist Rayne. We all wish you the very best. Take care of YOU! ♥️

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