Longing To Be With Her


I just want to be with my grandmother right now.

I don’t want to be here anymore.

I want to give my life up for someone who is fighting for theirs.

This world isn’t for me.

22 thoughts on “Longing To Be With Her

  1. That is such a deep, deep, deep ache and longing Rayne. I really hope something from earth can reach into your heart and make you find a wish to stay. I would miss you presence which is strange to say as I have never met you. But I feel love in my heart for you. That said I know that wish to be reunited with the ones you reallly love. Biggest of hugs, xoox

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    • Thanks so much Deborah. Your words really touched my heart. I was in a very dark place for most of yesterday. It felt like I was having a breakdown. To add insult to injury, there was a miscommunication between Elizabeth and I, and that felt like the end of my world. Thankfully, we spoke it through, and she was able to be there for me and helped get me past that horrible, dark place. xx

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  2. I want you, Rayne. I need you. And this world does too. Although I understand the longing to be with your grandmother – mine was the only one who listened and truly saw me – what would she need you to do? What would your grandmother want for you?

    I love you, don’t give up ♥️

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    • Thank you for all your love and support PD. It means the world to me. Your questions helped put things into perspective, thanks for that too. 🙂 I love you too my friend. ❤


  3. Dear Rayne, I am so glad you held on through that dark day. Miscommunications can really be triggering when you are already feeling very vulnerable & low. Just remember that there are always better days even when you feel like you have completely lost all hope! Hugs to you!<3

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    • Thanks for your support and comment Athina. Elizabeth and I have learned our lesson when it comes to talking about “sensitive” topics over text, rather than voice calls or in person. We’ve agreed not to text when it comes to important things… Better to discuss these types of things when we can hear and/or see one another. Sending hugs to you too. ❤


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