Numb The Feelings

I’ve been feeling worried, anxious, confused, and overwhelmed for the past few weeks. I thought I’ve been handling it pretty well. Using CBT, REBT and DBT skills to stay afloat.

But today… Today came the final blow. And I need to protect myself and just. stop. feeling. So right now I give myself permission to numb the pain however I can. Today, I get a free pass. And I don’t give a damn if it’s destructive. Today I say fuck CBT. Fuck “healthy” coping skills… Sometimes they just don’t cut it.

12 thoughts on “Numb The Feelings

  1. Sometimes using skills just takes too much energy, and that’s okay. I do hope that you can numb the pain in a healthy way rather than hurting yourself, though – Netflix binge? Taking an anti anxiety med (if you have them) and just going to sleep maybe? I’m sorry things are so hard right now and I’m sending all my love. ❤️

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    1. Exactly that! Skills take just too much damn energy. Sometimes I wonder whether they will ever become second nature and not require so much effort and time. I’ve been living off my Benzo’s for the past few days. Oh and wine. Obviously not together- I’ve at least TRIED to be a bit responsible, lol.


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