The Photo That Made Me Smile Today


I haven’t written about it, but last week was a difficult one for me, with BPD and PTSD symptoms in full swing. It’s hard enough dealing with one of those things, but together? At a few points I literally thought I was going to die, or that I was busy dying. Unless you’ve experienced something like this, you’ll probably think I’m exaggerating. But it all feels so real, so intense in those moments. The flashbacks, the physical bodily sensations, and on top of that the fear (and being convinced) of abandonment, among other things. It was just a horrible few days, and even despite having spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with two friends, I still feel some of the effects.

After therapy today (which really helped me make sense of some things, and made me feel heard, validated, and held), I came home feeling a little lighter and more “here”. I came across this gorgeous photo of a Golden Retriever (my favourite dog breed), and couldn’t help but smile. It warmed my heart.

Sometimes it’s that one tiny moment of happiness that whispers “stay”.

12 thoughts on “The Photo That Made Me Smile Today

  1. Last week is one of the toughest Ive experienced in a while too Rayne, On Monday I also thought I was dying the pain was so intense I could not breathe and just had to get into bed I could not stand up. I am glad you came through and this is the most beautiful photo.. so full of love. Hugs to you ❤

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  2. preetyvarma

    Very Nice and Beautiful Pic….. Golden Retrievers are charmers. They are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs. They are easy to train because of their gentle behavior. They really know how to please people and other dogs. Get along with children very well.

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