Food and Mood

I’m so sick of this.

When I’m in a stable or good mood, I enjoy eating. I’m very fussy when it comes to food, and can’t eat breakfast before 10am, but other than that, I have a healthy appetite.

Then along comes depression, stress, or anxiety, and my appetite goes out the window. I have to force myself to eat, and feel like crying every time I have to do that. But if I don’t eat, I feel sick, dizzy, and light-headed. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve survived on the bare minimum of food today and I hate myself for how much I struggle to get anything in.

During these times I’m even more fussy, and don’t have the energy or motivation to even make a slice of toast. Food that I usually like makes me feel nauseous just thinking about. I never know what to eat. This can go on for weeks sometimes, and that’s not healthy.

Most of the people I know have the opposite problem… They eat more when they’re in a low or anxious state of mind. Comfort eating they call it. Well, I need to find myself a “comfort” food that I can stomach during these times.

Anyone else struggle with this? And if so, is there anything that helps you?

22 thoughts on “Food and Mood

  1. When my depression is really bad I have no appetite and can barely choke anything down. But when the depression is moderate and I’m feeling very emotional I’ll stress eat junk food. It’s weird, toast with Cheez Wiz tends to be my easiest food to eat when my appetite is bad.

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  2. I’m the same… have a hard time eating most of the time, but even worse with anxiety/depression. It helps me to eat things that are ready to go, or easy to make, and easy to swallow, like yogurt or protein shakes. ❤

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      1. I agree. My weight is so low right now that I try not to worry about how healthy it is… just that I’m getting some calories. I use oat milk in my protein shake (which is a dairy free powder). Can you swallow vitamins? Or eat gummy vitamins? That will at least help make up for not getting all your nutritional needs from food. I hope you feel better soon ❤

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        1. That’s true (in my opinion at least)… getting calories in during these times is more important than whether it’s healthy or not. I like the gummy vitamins… I struggle to swallow pills over a certain size which most vitamins are.

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  3. I tend to do one or the other. I’m known for impulsively eating when I’m in need of comfort, but sometimes I’ll go hours without any appetite when I’ve got feelings of worthlessness or shame. Usually, I’ll let myself just be for a few hours and then make sure I eat something. My suggestions are to keep some prepared foods around. Granola bars or even fruit snacks? This way you don’t have to make anything, just tear it open and it’s done for you. Plus, it’s small. Don’t forget to drink water! Sorry you’re dealing with this. Food can be such a pain! xx

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  4. just eating anyways…
    I go through the days I can’t eat a think and the days I eat way too much.
    Although the fussiness, that I can definitely relate to. I’m currently trying to expand my repertoire of foods I eat to more than 30…

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    1. I can definitely relate to the eating way too much on some days. Ah, always nice to know I’m not the only fussy person. My friends, family and ex partners always tell me I’m the fussiest person they’ve ever met. If something even smells or looks “different” I refuse to eat it. Such a waste, lol.


      1. 🙂 This made me laugh. I’m actually trying to taste new foods (up the 30 foods I eat….. and the 30 I eat include forms of the same food, like chicken plain, chicken cut up and fried etc).

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  5. I’m an emotional/anxiety/stress eater, so I don’t know what might work for you. But I empathize with your food issues. Food has always been a struggle for me. Mostly, I lose a taste for something I used to enjoy. I’ll eat it for a while, then not want it anymore. That makes eating difficult. I hope someone can help you. I’m following you, but not getting notifications when you post things. I’m going to have to remember to check your site to keep up to what you’re writing. This is happening with most people I follow.

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    1. Food is indeed such a struggle. I can get SO angry at times. Hmm, don’t know why you’re not getting notifications. Has it come right in the meantime?


  6. Haha! I TOTALLY understand when living with both anxiety and depressive disorders! When I’m depressed I don’t want eat. It’s kinda like the ol’ saying, “When your mind is full, your stomach is empty.” Then when I’m anxious, I’m STILL too anxious to eat at all. However, because of all the energy I burn too from not eating, I begin to get hungry. What helps me to eat is keeping myself busy with something I like doing. like say blogging. Once I use all my mind and energy to finish writing, I’m more likely to want to eat.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Your comment gave me an idea, and I’ve realized that if I do something while eating, my mind isn’t so focused on the food and I can get more in. So helpful!

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