People Confuse Me


It’s been more than two weeks and I still haven’t received the deposit for the website I’ll be doing. I sent the guy a follow-up email at the beginning of the week, which has been read. I started using a mail-tracking Chrome extension a while ago, because the uncertainty of whether or not an email I sent had been received caused a lot of anxiety. The uncertainty of what I should do, “should I send it again, or just wait?” At least with this I can see that the email has been delivered and read, and now all that’s left to do is wait for a reply. Well, this wait has been tough. I need this job, as my car is just getting worse and desperately needs to be fixed. I’ve been wondering whether he’s changed his mind, or just been busy. I really don’t understand how a person can’t just take a minute or two out of their day and reply to a damn email. How hard can it be? I’m glad I didn’t do what I usually do and start on the website already. I’ve decided that I’m done stressing about this now. I’m letting go. I’ve done my part and the rest is out of my hands.

And then there are friends. I’ve been feeling a bit abandoned by Jasmine. As I mentioned here before, she has a girlfriend. I get that. I understand that it’s normal for communication to dip a little during these times and meet ups happen less frequently. But I don’t understand how a person can totally neglect their friends. It takes her more than a week to reply to a message, even though she read it the same day I sent it, and see she’s active online often. I haven’t met up with her in almost two months. She’s not the only one.

I’m going to be house sitting for my two best friends from Thursday next week until the Saturday of the following week, which I’m really looking forward to. They live about 40 minutes away. These two friends are the only one’s I feel I matter to these days, and who actually make an effort to stay in touch and get together. We don’t get to see each other often due to the distance, but the time we spend together is always amazing. Quality over quantity. The best type. I’ve only seen my other long time friend once this year, as she’s always busy. I wanted to see her when I house sit because she lives about 10 minutes away from there, and yesterday I was told we wouldn’t be able to get together because she’ll be away. I was so looking forward to seeing her, and was under the impression that I would be, since I told her quite a while ago about this. She said last night that she didn’t realize it overlaps with her trip. So I’m really disappointed. At least I have time away from work and the family, and my friends have two little dogs I’m going to be taking care of, so I won’t be completely alone.

15 thoughts on “People Confuse Me

  1. Yes, quality, over quantity is what I agree with when it comes to friends too.

    Definitely don’t start on a website without money first. You don’t want to be putting in time on something, without being paid.

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  2. It really frustrates me too when people don’t prioritize communication. I’m busy, but I do my best to get back to people in a timely fashion. I had someone who promised to get me some information not call for a week, and when I called to follow up, I’m pretty sure I was sent to voicemail. It is irritating and inconsiderate, and yet most people seem to encourage letting others off the hook for it.
    I hope housesitting is fun! When I do that, I usually really enjoy the time to myself.

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  3. drgeraldstein

    Indeed, we (the people) are puzzling. Competing interests, our own emotional issues, distraction, busy schedules, differences in how we experience time, are all in the mix just for a start. You seem to be managing this challenge. No one lives a serene life, for sure.

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  4. The guy who hasn’t responded to your email should be ashamed of himself. He knows you’ll be waiting on his reply. It doesn’t take much deliberation and ‘board meetings’ to decide if you want to work with someone. It’s almost as though he’s purposely building tension for you. If he is too busy then a cursory reply to say so isn’t bloody difficult.

    As for friends blowing hot and cold, that’s the story of my life and I daresay the story of many other people. I try not to judge to heavily as I too can often leave people hanging, sometimes through genuine forgetfulness, other times purposely. It depends on how busy I am or how consumed by other people I am. I do tend to have a pecking order at any given time, which perhaps isn’t good, but it’s the only way I can cope with the influx of people who want my attention.

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  5. I really understand where you are coming from Rayne. These days I find people so disconnected and so busy, its like priorities have changed. I always reply as soon as I can to someone even if its to explain I cannot be in touch for a reason. To me its just common courtesy and care. Heart hug ❤

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    • I understand when a person may be busy on any given day, but there’s always a small window of time to just send a quick reply. Like you said, people aren’t good at prioritizing or organization. It’s especially difficult in our tech-fuelled world.


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