Don’t touch me.
Please hold my hand.
Leave me alone.
Please stay.
I hate you!
I love you!

How can all of these kinds of conflicting thoughts and feelings exist in a person at the same time?

14 responses to “Confusion”

  1. I understand this completely.. For some of us its natural to long for love and to fear it at the same time. Its all tied up with the depths we feel and our high empathy too. Reading Judith Orloff’s book on being an Empath has made me understand this a lot more.

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  2. In a world where people claim to make decisions based on “thinking,” it is sometimes a surprise how much we are the prisoners of instinct and emotion. Indeed, Nietzche wrote “To see something as a whole one must have two eyes, one of love and one of hate.”

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  3. Sending you love and a great big hug Rayne! You do such a great service by being so open and honest about your journey. In doing so, you help so many people understand, reducing the chance of stigma and judgement. Happy Sunday! Andrea 🙂

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  4. This perfectly describes my constant struggle with trying to determine how I feel. It makes me feel like I must be broken because it doesn’t make any sense that I can be both desperate for a connection and simultaneously, convinced I need to get as far away as possible. If we must exhaust ourselves just trying to figure out what we truly feel, is there any space left for relationships with others? I hope you don’t mind that I commented here, these are just those thoughts that came to mind whilst
    reading your post.

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    • Hi Eva. Thanks for your comment, and of course I don’t mind… I appreciate you commenting. 🙂 This struggle we find ourselves in can be exhausting indeed and makes relationships so much more complicated.


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