She’s Back…

On Monday after work I met up with my ex, Elizabeth. During one of my “episodes” a little while ago, I impulsively sent her a message. I wasn’t expecting a reply, and wasn’t even sure whether I wanted one. But a couple of days later she sent a reply and I was genuinely shocked when she told me that my message was a wonderful surprise. We sent some messages back and forth for a few weeks. We were supposed to meet up the weekend, but I took a rain check and we met on Monday instead.

I didn’t know what to expect going in. I kept an emotional distance and was prepared to leave as soon as I felt things weren’t going well. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I found that I was having a nice time catching up with her. Even more unexpected were the genuine apologies for her behaviour in our relationship, and acknowledgement that a lot of the issues came from her side. She had started therapy some time after we had broken up and been diagnosed with ADHD which made so much sense and put a lot into perspective when looking back.

We ended up spending that whole afternoon together and I only got home just after 11 that evening. We were having such a good time, and the alcohol kept coming (with both of us being on meds, we discussed that this can’t happen again). It felt so comfortable and familiar being with her. We sat intimately close, closer than I’ll allow anyone else to sit next to me when talking. And when we walked to another place for another drink, I was freezing (alcohol has that effect on me, while it makes her hot) and she put her arm around me to help keep me warm. That felt amazing. She told me that she has been wanting to get back into contact with me for so long, but thought I was angry with her and never wanted to see her again. That she had missed me so often, and how glad she was that we can be friends now.

I discovered that my feelings for her haven’t changed all that much, but I also have my guard up. My therapist told me to keep my boundaries in mind whenever I’m with her. Only thing is, I’m not so sure what my boundaries for her are, or should be. She invited me to two events this weekend, but I’ve got a nasty cold and need to rest and recuperate. But, if I’m completely honest, I’m also using that as an excuse to keep some distance from her so I don’t get swept up, and giving myself time to figure out exactly how I feel about all of this. All I know right now is that I was happier during the time I spent with her on Monday than I have been in months. I realized this after she told me the same thing. Right now I’m a little confused, but I guess that’s normal.

Maybe we can be friends after all. Do I want more? I don’t have to know the answer or make any decisions right now.

The best thing I feel I can do in this situation is take things slow and at my own pace, and see what happens.

7 thoughts on “She’s Back…

  1. In relationships where there is attraction, the one who has the stronger will and the clearer idea of what she wants is likely to be able to move the other in their direction. There is a scene early in the movie, “Closer,” where Julia Roberts and Jude Law meet for the first time. If you watch it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Good luck.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve finally decided on what I want and don’t want with regards to this particular relationship, and hopefully I’ll stick to my decision. 🙂


  2. You are wise to take things slow and give yourself plenty of time to process your reactions. It’s a great sign that she’s in therapy now, but people don’t change easily, even when they are motivated (otherwise I wouldn’t be in therapy for YEARS!). So exercising caution is a great way to love yourself. And then if there is room for a healthy friendship, or even a healthy something else, that will become evident with time. Wishing you well-being, whatever happens with Elizabeth.

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    1. Thank you Q. You’re absolutely right, and have realized that I don’t see myself in a intimate, exclusive relationship with her. People change, things change, but a lot of things also stay the same.


  3. Yeah you should take your time in the relationship since it seems like it’s headed in the right direction! I’m sure though your struggles with a behavioral health disorder inspired her to check on her own behavioral health issue.

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