The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing

“I’m trusting that it’s okay to just keep doing the next right thing – even when the long-term plan isn’t quite clear. Enough right things will get me where I need to go.”

– Brené Brown

I didn’t know where my life was going. It all seemed so pointless and hopeless. I actually still experience this often, but lately I’m just allowing things to unfold as they do and dealing with what I can in each moment. Acceptance is often hard to achieve, but fighting against things we have no control over just exhausts us. Acceptance allows us to breathe, explore, and plan.

We don’t know the future. All we can do is keep taking the next best step, whatever that may be. I have to ask myself, “what’s the next right action for you?” It’s not about what other people say I should do. People can give us their opinions but they’re not living our lives. We are.

2 responses to “The Next Right Thing”

  1. We really do have a choice, if we stay with wa=hat is and allow that space in between stimulus and response to give us the gift of the present, I can’t think of what my next right move is, but it’s delightful to read about your realizations. From my experience, I can say that I have not always remembered to do this but as I look back on those places where I experience suffering it has been the result of choosing to project or regret. If I stay here and just be with it, it is perfect

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