The Not-So-Silver Lining: When Positive Thinking Backfires

I follow a few different science and psychology channels on YouTube and wanted to share a video from one of them that I just watched on why positive thinking isn’t the absolute “be all” that it’s claimed to be. I’ve attached the video below, as well as the link to an article I wrote in 2016.

My blog post on this topic: “Just Be Positive”

So I wasn’t that far off the mark it seems. 😉

6 responses to “The Not-So-Silver Lining: When Positive Thinking Backfires”

  1. In agree with “EmergingFromtheDarkNight,” but would add this. No responsible therapist would recommend the equivalent of “buck up and look on the sunny side.” This isn’t positive psychology, it is mindlessness.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I finised the video and made me feel a little better knowing that when bad things happen, it’s not because I thought about it. It’s because “it just happened” Being negative at times really makes me more ready for unexpected turn of events. Guess we just need to balance everything when it comes to our outlook in life and how we deal with every situation.

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