A Different Hierarchy of Needs


A few weeks ago my therapist sent me this image, which she said reminded her of me, and it “hit the nail on the head”. It follows the same format as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which I found quite cool.

I’ve taken this “Enneagram” personality test before and my results pinned me as a nine, so this image was even more interesting to me. I never take personality tests seriously, as there isn’t any scientific validity to the majority of them, but they’re fun to do anyway.

5 thoughts on “A Different Hierarchy of Needs

  1. drgeraldstein

    There are definitely some personality tests that have been well validated. I’d include, for example, both the MMPI and the MCMI. They’ve been around for years in versions that are updated over time. No reason you should have known this, since there are many tests that like to pretend they have value. I’m not familiar with the one you write about in this post.

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    • There are some personality tests that are well validated, as you say. I’m referring mostly to those common, unscientific/bogus types that people take way too seriously. Like the Enneagram. 😉 But I’m just interested in the pyramid and what’s written inside it.


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