The Ending Of Another Year


Christmas is over. Thank heavens! It’s almost the end of 2019. Wow, the year flew by.

This is the time of year where I’ve usually had enough and can’t wait for everything to calm down again. The holiday season and I just don’t get along. It’s far too busy and noisy (I’ve written about my aversion to Christmas music in a previous post here).

There are so many social conventions during the holiday season, and for a lot of us, we struggle with this. Suddenly our routines are disrupted. We’re expected to be around people, environments, and in situations, that make us uncomfortable or overwhelm us.

What also makes it hard are the memories and missing loved ones. Memories of all the lost and “nearly” families that have been part of my life. Then there’s my mother. I’ve spent less than a handful of Christmas holidays with her and my younger sisters. I haven’t seen them in more than two years now, and I miss them so damn much.

This year, I decided that I don’t want to be miserable again. So I took naps where needed and did my own thing more often. Stayed home and away from the shops. Etc. And I had all my little gizmo’s that help me stay calm (or at least sane). This all helped me get through this period easier, and made certain things more enjoyable as I had more energy that wasn’t wasted on being overwhelmed and anxious.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year, but overall it was a good one. The highlight was moving in with my friend M, and us getting her new doggy a few months later. My business has picked up from last year, which I’m so happy about. My mental health has also improved, and I have a better sense of self than ever before.

I have no idea what 2020 holds, but there are a few things that I want to achieve and prioritize. It’s the start of a whole new decade and that’s pretty exciting!

Have a happy New Year everyone!

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