You might have noticed that I’ve made a lot of my previous posts password protected. I’ve been thinking of doing that a lot over the years, but now I feel it’s necessary. In today’s digital world it’s becoming easier and easier to get private information from people and determine their identity from the various things we put out there. I feel I have used too many identifiable marks in this blog through the years, therefore making it easier for someone to perhaps “recognize” me… The wrong person, or people.

I’ve had various scary experiences online which shook me, and I don’t want to have to go through something like that (or similar) again (I’m still dealing with one of them). I’ll continue to write personal posts, but will be more careful about the type and amount of details I’m putting out there, so I don’t have to resort to protecting any more posts.

If you’re a regular reader and would like access to these posts, you can contact me to request the password.

16 responses to “Privacy”

      • Problem is it can get complicated asking for access and sometimes I don’t bother, so I’d hate to drive away some of my favourite people here!

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        • I hear you. That had also been one of the main reasons holding me back before. So that’s why I’ve only protected previous posts that most of my regulars have already read. And the idea going forward is to just be careful with the stuff I’m sending out so I don’t need to protect any further posts.

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          • I think my weak link is my therapist name! But I try to make sure I don’t post photos that are too identifying in terms or where my exact location might be. That does mean I often can’t post photos I’d really like to though! But that’s all part and parcel of anonymity I guess.

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            • I’m sure there are a few other therapists with the same name as yours. 😉 And it most definitely helps that you don’t identify your location. I have the same issue when it comes to photo’s I so badly want to share, but can’t. Ah, the price we pay, lol.

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              • Haha yeah. Funnily enough when I first met Guy I found 2 other Guy’s, but the tricky thing about therapists and their websites, I’ve found, is that they disappear sometimes when they’re overbooked. So occasionally my therapist is the only Guy out there and makes me feel more nervous than I probably should.

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  1. Think I might need to do the same, I just worry about getting “exposed” ya know. I’m sorry you’re facing these scary experiences, you do what you need to do to protect yourself, your safety and well-being come first ♥️♥️♥️

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  2. Hey friend, that totally makes sense and I agree with everyone else, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!! I’ve probably done too much over the years that gives away my details so I’ve come to some sorts of acceptance of it. The way I see it, if someone really wants to know, they’ll find it, no matter what I do to protect my info! Of course, I still protect some things more than others (super secret special number for instance) and I try not to make it TOO easy to figure all of me out but if it happens, I suppose it happens and I’ll deal with it then? Eh, I try not to worry too much about it, and focus on how I’m most often speaking into a Void these days anyhow. Sometimes I worry a little more but I suppose like most things in my life, I just try to avoid it all. I picked out a neat book from the library before the quarantine began that talks about being safe online, I should really read it soon. 😛

    But you do you!!! That’s really good and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some unpleasant human experiences. I hope you have more good ones than bad going into the future. ❤ xxx


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