Too Far Gone

I don’t trust anyone.

Because people lie. They say things when they mean the opposite. Make promises they don’t keep. They disappoint and hurt you.

Yes, I’m selfish. Because that’s what I need to be right now.

Don’t know where to turn anymore. Don’t know how trust will ever be restored.

So fuck it all.

4 responses to “Too Far Gone”

  1. Sorry you are having a bad time, Rayne. People do disappoint, as much as we need their love. I hope circumstances change for you soon. If you cannot now hold that thought, I’m sure many of your readers will carry it for you until you can.

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  2. You sound like you have been going thru a lot of hard stuff this month; Iā€™m so sorry. Sometimes it helps me to remember, when life feels heavy and hard, that things change, though not always as fast as I want them to. I really hope you have some easier days as head, and especially that you find a couple of people you feel you can really trust.

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    • Thanks Q. Humanity makes me realize just how great animals are… would give anything to finally get to have my own dog. They’re loyal and faithful and love us unconditionally. People are too complicated and full of nonsense.


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