All Around Me

Can I see the wind? I can see it move through the trees, but I can’t see the essence of it. I can feel it blow across my face. The effect is there, all around me. Can I see my growth? I can see it in my life, but I can’t see the essence ofContinue reading “All Around Me”

The Wrong House

When I struggle with my own words, I’ve found that the words of others can say that which I’m unable to truly express. Whether it’s through a song, a blog post by someone else, or a poem, it doesn’t matter… As long as it speaks to the deeper parts within me. As this poem does.Continue reading “The Wrong House”


Nowhere to run Nowhere to hide Push away the sun Keep the dark inside Too many voices Too many tears Do I have any choices Does life determine my years Push away the images But they follow at night Trying to build bridges While I desperately fight What’s real, what’s not Am I here, orContinue reading “Free”