Under Again

I’m so angry, I want to break and destroy things and certain people. My rage has been so intense and I don’t know any other way to release it in a satisfactory way, other than hurting myself. I haven’t seen my therapist in over two weeks, and won’t be seeing her tomorrow (and probably nextContinue reading “Under Again”

Losing Control

I’m fed up. The year has only begun, yet it feels like December all over again. I’m tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. January is a terrible time financially for most people. I’m feeling the pain of being broke right about now, and having debit orders bounce. I’m also having some family issues, and on the vergeContinue reading “Losing Control”

Protection And Running Away

This is a follow up from my previous post. After I had written it, and gone to sleep, I had a nightmare. Before I get into the dream, it needs to be said that most of my dreams over the years have followed a similar theme. They all involve me protecting others (or myself andContinue reading “Protection And Running Away”