A Bad Weekend

One of the criteria in the DSM for Borderline PD: 9. TRANSIENT, STRESS-RELATED PARANOID IDEAS OR SEVERE DISSOCIATIVE SYMPTOMS. I posted a “poem” the other day (can’t remember when exactly), and removed it at some point. I kept thinking that the person that post was inspired by would somehow come across it. Actually, I wasContinue reading “A Bad Weekend”

The Cliff

I didn’t want to write on my blog ever again. But here I am. Don’t have the energy to write much. Will write more about what’s been going on at another time. Just need to get this out of my head. Standing on a high cliff. I had climbed up that cliff with the help ofContinue reading “The Cliff”

Never Thought I’d Be Here – Part One

On Thursday morning I was reading something on the internet, when I started to feel uncomfortable. All of a sudden, that feeling erupted in a full on trigger. I immediately turned into a mess. I became that 14-year-old who had just been broken by someone she had looked up to and trusted. Images and emotionsContinue reading “Never Thought I’d Be Here – Part One”

Stranger In This World

This is something I wrote on the 15th March 2016, and stumbled upon today. It applies just as much now as it did back then. Where do I belong? Why do I have this constant yearning to be anywhere but here? People call places home. I haven’t yet found my own. Does that place even exist? Or is there aContinue reading “Stranger In This World”