Caught Out In The Rainstorm

I’m done wishing and hoping… For the friend I can rely on. For the university qualification and job I’ve always wanted. For the love that will stick around. For the dog I long to be a home for. For the freedom and security I strive for. That this idea just might be the one toContinue reading “Caught Out In The Rainstorm”

Letter To The 14 Year Old

Every now and then I go through my computer and delete everything I don’t want or need anymore. Those things that I won’t need soon, but still want access to, I put on my external HDD. I don’t like clutter. Not even on my computer. Everything needs to be named properly and be in neatContinue reading “Letter To The 14 Year Old”

A Permanent Solution

They say “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. A temporary┬áproblem? How about years of “temporary problems”? Being hit time and time again. It’s not just one problem that pushes most people off the edge. It’s the problems that we’re stuck in for weeks, months, years. It all adds up. What then ifContinue reading “A Permanent Solution”

Where The Dreamers Lie

She will escape to a place where the dreamers lie Those who dreamed to escape the darkness of life Now peaceful, calm and far from this world of pain Dreams that mean nothing, dreams that only hurt This daydreamer can’t dream anymore. She’s lost Her dreams are empty. She has nothing left to give HerContinue reading “Where The Dreamers Lie”