Love, You’re Still Here

Slowly making its way into my consciousness The feelings came first, then the memories And I saw you everywhere that night As the old year started fading away I knew I’d have to face the new year without you But your shadow wouldn’t let go of me It felt like just yesterday you were byContinue reading “Love, You’re Still Here”

Contemplating Romantic Relationships

I’ve been single for the vast majority of my life. Part of the reason is because I find social situations challenging and overwhelming, so don’t go out much or meet new people often. Another reason is that I enjoy spending time alone and can quickly become irritated when I don’t spend enough time by myselfContinue reading “Contemplating Romantic Relationships”

Relationship Confusion

I’ve been confused, anxious, and depressed lately, and just wanted some opinions, and other’s perspectives on a situation. For the past few weeks things have felt very unstable in my relationship with Elizabeth. Late last week, I thought we had worked through everything. But the past few days it seems nothing has really changed, andContinue reading “Relationship Confusion”