Left Out

I miss my therapist. I feel this insane need for her right now. I’m not a part of her personal life, and while I’m usually fairly okay with that (well, at least resigned to the boundaries that exist in this relationship), today I’m not. Today it hurts like hell. I want to be where sheContinue reading “Left Out”

Death Wish

I didn’t spot you there in the shadows Until it was too late You’ve descended upon me once again And I’m left wondering… Where did you come from? Why are you here? Your presence is uninvited But you don’t care, do you? You just want to make yourself heard No matter the agony you causeContinue reading “Death Wish”

First Love

Lonely tonight. I had her. I lost her. She let me go. She broke my heart. My first love. A love I never experienced before or since. There were others I thought I was in love with. I wasn’t. I was just infatuated for a short while. I had been fooling myself. But with herContinue reading “First Love”

Broken Hearts

If you’re reading these words… I wish I could take your tears away. I wish I could take away your hurt. I need you to know, that just because I wasn’t crying, didn’t mean I didn’t feel anything. I felt so much inside. I felt it all. I still do. I just didn’t know howContinue reading “Broken Hearts”

Fighting For Air

This time of year, I feel the grief of everyone I have lost through the years. Too many people. Some gone too soon. Others leaving a broken heart in their shadows as they walk away. Tonight is one of those moments of intense grief. Memories drifting through my mind.┬áThe pain and hurt proving that I’mContinue reading “Fighting For Air”