Safe Haven

These past two weeks have been a nightmare. Elizabeth and I broke up last week Monday. I want to write about it sometime soon, as I feel I’m still processing this. I don’t want to get into it right now. On Friday afternoon I hit a crisis point. I had been dealing with suicidal ideationContinue reading “Safe Haven”

The Ghost of Saturday Evenings

For some reason, it’s very hard for me to be alone on a Saturday evening. I’ve noticed that this is when I struggle the most with intense feelings, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm urges. It’s also when I most want to be alone and am prone to push people away. The loneliness is overwhelming, yet atContinue reading “The Ghost of Saturday Evenings”

Death Wish

I didn’t spot you there in the shadows Until it was too late You’ve descended upon me once again And I’m left wondering… Where did you come from? Why are you here? Your presence is uninvited But you don’t care, do you? You just want to make yourself heard No matter the agony you causeContinue reading “Death Wish”

The Cliff

I didn’t want to write on my blog ever again. But here I am. Don’t have the energy to write much. Will write more about what’s been going on at another time.┬áJust need to get this out of my head. Standing on a high cliff. I had climbed up that cliff with the help ofContinue reading “The Cliff”