Group Spa Therapy

Group was lovely tonight. So different/weird-but-nice. It felt like a combination of time spent in a spa, and therapy. D, the OT, had lit candles in the room we were having the group in. There was even a light vanilla scented air freshener thing going on. Very romantic! We spoke about self-compassion, self-soothing, and the ACCEPTS DBT skill (Distress Tolerance). D passed around a variety of hand lotions, and showed us a hand massage video, which we had to follow along with, using whichever lotion we had chosen. Now do you get why I said it felt like I had spent time in a spa?

As usual, we ended off with a meditation/visualization, before we were sent on our merry way.

I’m linking to another video that D had shown us tonight as well. I found it so cute!

Now, I’m off to go roll myself up, and follow the video’s instructions.

10 responses to “Group Spa Therapy”

      • Its interesting as when I was so very sick a few months ago and my entire body was hurting one night I just got some hand cream and began to rub it on my body and it soothed me enough for a time to take the pain away. I loved the video of being rolled in a blanket like a little child when we are sad. This is what we need to do but I find that hard. I hope you do get to practice this, Rayne. I know it will work. ❤

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        • It sounds like you tried to take good care of yourself when you were sick. I think it’s so important, especially during those times, because we’re feeling worse than we usually do as it is. I love that video too. Yesterday I had my blanket wrapped around me for most of the evening. Needed some soothing. Now I’ve made the decision to carry it with me wherever I go. It’s a newborn baby blanket, so small and easy to fit into a handbag.

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