Sleeping Sun

Things are changing again. It’s supposedly a good change, so why am I left so confused? What are all these feelings?

A heaviness has settled deep inside my body and soul.

The words are lost in my head; explanations and sense hidden.

Why does it feel like my time is coming to an end?

Don’t know what this is supposed to be. Just messed around.

9 responses to “Sleeping Sun”

  1. I expect you have lots of company in feeling as you do. During the bubonic plague (the Black Death), present off and on from 1347 into the 19th Century, people searched for meaning and feared the end was near. Some blamed minorities or immigrants, some said it was God’s judgment against those who were evil (a divine punishment like the biblical Flood), etc. In fact, the Black Death didn’t discriminate between rich and poor, religious and non-religious, foreigners and those born in the country they still inhabited. Hang in there with the rest of us, Rayne! Fortunately, our chances of surviving now are far better than those who lived through that calamity.

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    • Thanks for the interesting comment. 🙂 The strange thing is that I don’t fear the virus. I’ve had this sense of doom follow me my whole life, that tends to flare up from time to time. The sense that my continued existence is a mistake which is due to be rectified very soon.


      • If you are a “mistake,” then the rest of us should not sleep easily tonight, lest we and you together get swept away.


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