I Will Rise

I heard Katy Perry’s new song today, and it grabbed me in a powerful way. Most of all it inspired me.

It’s my time to shine. It’s my time to start putting the pieces of myself together. To figure out who I want to be, who I am.

I may not be nowhere near where I want to be. But I’ll get there, on my own terms.

I never got the chance to be the rebellious teenager. So I’m going to be the rebel that’s a natural part of me, the part that I suppressed. She also deserves free expression.

I will no longer be controlled… Told what to do, or how to feel.

I will no longer conform, just because I’m afraid of conflict.

I will no longer be silent. I have a voice, and I’m going to use it.

It’s time for me to write my own story. To transform.

I will rise.

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