The Cliff

I didn’t want to write on my blog ever again. But here I am. Don’t have the energy to write much. Will write more about what’s been going on at another time. Just need to get this out of my head.

Standing on a high cliff. I had climbed up that cliff with the help of a ladder. Once I reached the top, the ladder fell away, leaving me stranded. It’s a narrow ledge that I’m standing on, and it’s a steep drop from every angle. If I move an inch, I’ll fall. I’m stuck. So I just stand there, trying not to move. But maybe I should.

28 responses to “The Cliff”

  1. Hang in there Rayne! We are here for you…I am here for you. If you need to talk or anything please just let me know. Stay safe my friend.

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  2. Here is a different angle. Take a look around you from the cliff. The majesty and beauty of the natural world. Yes, hang in there, in part to take in such things. There may yet be a time when the troubles fall away, leaving only the beauty.

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