You might have noticed that I’ve made a lot of my previous posts password protected. I’ve been thinking of doing that a lot over the years, but now I feel it’s necessary. In today’s digital world it’s becoming easier and easier to get private information from people and determine their identity from the various things we put out there. I feel I have used too many identifiable marks in this blog through the years, therefore making it easier for someone to perhaps “recognize” me… The wrong person, or people.

I’ve had various scary experiences online which shook me, and I don’t want to have to go through something like that (or similar) again (I’m still dealing with one of them). I’ll continue to write personal posts, but will be more careful about the type and amount of details I’m putting out there, so I don’t have to resort to protecting any more posts.

If you’re a regular reader and would like access to these posts, you can contact me to request the password.

A Country In Chaos

People are getting restless.
People are getting bored.
Anger rising more and more each day,
With each abuse of power,
Each senseless regulation,
And corruption growing worse.

The poor are suffering and dying,
Not from the invisible threat,
That’s gripping the world,
But from the lack of governance,
And utter disrespect.

Watch out, the people will rise.
They will come for you,
With no place to hide, no place to run,
You’ll realize, too late,
Just what you’ve done.

Article On Trauma Background & The Current COVID-19 Crisis

Just wanted to share an article by psychotherapist Annie Wright, that I found valuable and insightful.

The Gifts Of Coming From A Trauma Background

Even during the worst of times, beauty can be found in the simplest of things. This image gave me a sense of peace amidst all the chaos going on around me.